Testimonial 2

I can’t say enough about the character of these two individuals. They deliver! I was in the process of looking for a place to lease and somehow I was lucky enough to apply to a listing they were representing. The response time was impeccable...immediately engaged with me and answered all my questions. Then offered other comparable listings and booked an entire half day of showings for us. Each one was within our desired area and price range. I honestly was shocked at the level of client service we received. (We’re leasing not buying...(felt like I wanted to remind them) I mean there can’t be much in it for them at this level. Anyway our experience was above and beyond our expectations. They listened to our needs and showed compassion to our situation. Also they aren’t afraid to speak up on their clients behal during negotiations. I felt they truly had their pulse on the market. Again I’m greatful I found them and look forward to the time I purchase because they’ll be my 1st call when I’m ready. Thank again !