Los Angeles consistently ranks as the top city in North America for real estate investments - no surprise given our diverse economy, strong growth, perfect climate, and unrivaled lifestyle options. In fact, if you draw a 20-mile circle around downtown L.A., you’ll have the 10th largest economy in the world.

From income properties to development opportunities, we help guide our clients through the process of finding, analyzing, acquiring and selling investment properties throughout the L.A. Basin.

We break our Investment Services into 3 basic areas: Development, Multi-Family & SFR Advisory, and Value-Added Strategies:


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We work closely with emerging and experienced developers to catalyze opportunities for the ground-up construction or redevelopment of luxury homes and condominiums.

From the on- and off-market sourcing of properties to the in-depth research and analysis of each opportunity, we approach every project through the eyes of a developer. Our consistent activities provide our clients with highly-vetted deal flow that offers realistic budgets, timelines, and resale projections.


We specialize in luxury rental homes and 2 to 15-unit apartment properties for income and long-term appreciation. We provide extensive sourcing and due diligence support, starting with institutional-quality projections of income, cash flow, and ROI.

We combine these projections with comparable sales analysis, careful physical inspections, and complete transactional support to help our clients make informed decisions, win competitive deals, and enjoy the process.



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Given the average age of L.A.'s rental stock, we frequently see opportunities for the acquisition of apartment properties that require updating and renovation of interiors, exteriors, and amenities to elevate the property and attain full market rents.

While L.A. rent control presents certain challenges, acquiring properties with vacant units presents new owners with the ability to enhance their upside through actions within their control, improving property conditions and management to drive outsized increases in revenue and value.

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