Hollywood Hills

The Hollywood Hills sit within the Santa Monica Mountains and overlook The City and beyond, with views that stretch from Downtown to Catalina Island. Besides the extraordinary views, the endless maze of streets throughout The Hills provides residents with a sense of solitude and seclusion despite being just minutes from the vast city below, brimming with light and life. Neighborhoods that fall within Hollywood Hills Franklin Village, Beachwood Canyon (aka “Hollywoodland”), Hollywood Dell, Whitley Heights, Hollywood Heights, Outpost, Mount Olympus, Nichols Canyon and Sunset Hills.

As with most of L.A., the style of homes in the Hollywood Hills varies widely, from Spanish, Mid-Century Modern, to bungalows and the ultra modern. Likewise, the price of homes in the Hollywood Hills range from several hundred thousand to tens of millions of dollars. For the latter, the multi-million dollar homes, the spacious, opulent properties in the Hollywood Hills offer unparalleled luxury coupled with the serenity and privacy most commonly associated with life outside a large city. For those seeking the best of both worlds, Hollywood Hills may be the ideal place to make your home.