Beverlywood is an upscale, quaint, leafy suburb located in the Westside between the larger more well-known neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and Culver City. The majority of Beverlywood’s residents live in 2-4 bedroom single-family homes built between the 1920s and 1950s, making it the ideal locale for couples raising families and/or retirees. People from all over L.A. head to Beverlywood for its great kosher food staples, such as the Beverlywood Bakery. Beverlywood is flanked on the north by Pico-Robertson, on the east by Mid-City, on the south by Palms and on the west by Cheviot Hills.  The neighborhood and its surrounding areas give a bevy of options for schools both public and private. Beverlywood is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a family friendly neighborhood. Beverlywood is perfect for those looking for a friendly neighborhood with luxurious homes, tree-lined streets, lush green parks, sidewalk delis, cozy cafes nearby, and a wide selection of public and private schools.